How does it work?

MyHome4Good guides you through all aspects of buying or selling your home. We reduce our commission (without reducing your service). You choose an eligible adoption or charity focusing on at risk kids to donate the savings to.

MyHome4Good is a team of Real Estate Brokers and Agents bringing years of training and skill to every real estate transaction. Founded by an group of like minded individuals with over 50 years of experience in Real Estate, Lending, Appraisal, Marketing & Sales.  Our goal is to instill every transaction with both integrity, professionalism and purpose.

We bring the highest standards in serving your Real Estate needs: we work hard to get you the right home for the right price, and to maximize your value when it’s time to sell. We utilize all the best in modern technology and have partnered with one of the states best Managing Brokers, msWoods Real Estate LL.  We provide and partner with many different specialists to achieve high quality service and results for our clients.

AND THEN your investment goes beyond the four walls of your home. While in escrow at the closing table, participation in the Home4Good program means our agents will reduce their commission by up to .25%; that commission-savings is then delivered to a charity that is providing a help to at risk kids or a home to one of the world’s waiting children. So that when you come home, you can say, “I used MyHome4Good”.


Phone 317.523.8702 E-mail info@myh4g.com Hours Working when you need us.
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