ABOUT MyHome4Good

How Working With Us Helps Others

When you Buy, Sell or Build with our team up to .25% of the entire transaction(s) goes to a charity of your choosing.  You will be making a difference to help someone adopt a child or assist an organization serving the community here or around the world.*

1. You contact us to help you buy, sell or build your new home.

2. You choose a non-for-profit organization or family adoption.

3. We donate part of our commission in honor of you or someone else.

4. By making a move you have made a difference.

Example: Sell your home for $150,000 + buy a new home for $250,000 = $400,000 in total. Multiply total by .25% which equals $1,000.  This amount will be donated at the closing table in your honor directly to the charity of your choosing.

*At the closing table these donations are recorded in your honor but do not result in a personal deduction outside of the potential deduction for your closing costs.  MyHome4Good does not receive a tax deduction either. See your tax preparer for more information.

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